Choosing the best fitness tracker to improve your health- Part 2

Ansley Knopf - Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Continuing on the series of fitness tracker selections, today I am reviewing one of the most familiar names in the heart rate monitoring marker- Polar. I am going to review 2 Polar Tracking devices, notating their similarities and differences, although either will be accepted.

Polars’ heart rate monitor and activity trackers: M200 and M600.

The M200 offers nearly every feature of the M600 minus the Wi-Fi and Android wear connections.

For the most part, the M200 matches the M600. The retail difference between the two is $149 versus $329 for the M600. However, two of the best features of the M600 is its’ ability to track your recovery status and your training load. Which will be key components of your training program, while I will be reviewing and calculating this data myself, it may be a feature you are interested in being able to utilize and see real-time how you are progressing and start to better understand the connection between what your body is telling you and the intensity of your workouts.

Polar explains the Recovery Status function as this:

“Find the perfect balance between training and rest and get a true picture of your recovery status before getting out there again. Recovery status is based on the cumulative load of all your activities including your training sessions and data on the small activities you do every day. Continuous monitoring of recovery status helps you plan your training so you can avoid over- and under training.” – Polar website information, 2016

The training load functions is described as:

“Shows you how your training affects your body and helps you compare the load of different workouts. Continuous monitoring of training load will help you recognize your personal limits and adjust your training intensity and duration according to your targets.” – Polar Website Information, 2016

Additionally, both trackers are waterproof, have an integrated GPS, and are able to sync with a phone app via Bluetooth. Geared towards runners, the M200 offers a running index to help runners track their times and progress towards running goals for competition 5ks, 10ks, Half and Full Marathons etc.

Either are compatible with Android, Mac, Windows or Apple IPhone. They are also able to export data- to share with your trainer of course!!! Food/Calorie tracking however is not a feature, so you will be responsible for logging and sharing this information separately.

And finally, both are compatible with the chest strap accessory, which will enhance the accuracy of the heart rate tracking and monitoring, so you can add this as an additional feature, or monitor off of the wrist tracker on either device.The link comparing the two devices side by side is included below. While Polar has many offerings, these 2 are the most compatible with accuracy and features that you will need to utilize.

The next blog will feature the Apple Watch, and its pro’s and con’s and whether or not It made the approved list!

Breathe deep, and keep training!


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