Discovering How to Optimize Your Training in Every Season

Ansley Knopf - Wednesday, September 07, 2016


It’s the transitory time between the hot and sunny days of summer and the brisk, cooler days of fall.

I’ve gone from relishing the optimal pool swim days to anticipating the perfect running weather, before winter comes and while you won’t catch me running outside until after Easter once winter has arrived,  I’ll be inside working hard lifting weights and doing yoga to stay ready for the next phase of training, which usually is a prologue to yet another Tough Mudder.

I love cross-training. I love adapting my training program to always challenge myself in brand new ways. I’ll try new classes, re-arrange my work-out for the day based on the weather and schedule off-days based on how my body is responding. Sometimes I need to change my workout based off how much time I ended up with that day, especially during peak season.

It's important that your training program is adaptable, and that your focus is its effectiveness and sustainability. Which means that you’re okay with knowing that your program can be adapted to your life. It’s one of the advantages of a customized program. You are free to be adaptable instead of perfect.

You will find the most success in a program with structure and flexibility. If it’s beautiful outside, you want to be able to go for an outdoor run instead of indoor cardio? Go for it! You didn’t sleep at all and you really need to do yoga and relax? Absolutely! A work trip was scheduled last minute and you only got to work-out 4 days instead of 5? Great job! 

If you have questions about adapting, then send me a message! I’m happy to offer advice on how to optimally adapt your program, so that you are still working hard towards your goals, while adapting to the season of life that you are in.

Your goals are part of your health and wellness journey- which has its own seasons. Adaptability means resiliency, flexibility and optimization. It is so much better to constantly be progressing and adapting, then struggling to be perfect and give up all together.

The struggle for perfection is a limitation, and we can achieve so much more if we accept the ever-changing seasons of life and look for ways of planning to succeed rather than succumbing to the chaos. And the key to success, is a mindful, purposeful flexibility, look for the hidden possibilities and flourish in every season.




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