Overcome Obstacles at Tough Mudder

Ansley Knopf - Friday, June 17, 2016

4th Tough Mudder completed last Saturday! It's always a challenge, especially for myself and usually several members on our team- to overcome injuries and finish this 11- 11.5 ( ish) mile obstacle course challenge! But I'm always extremely proud of how we all overcome together, not just the team I'm with- but all of the Mudder Nation- we are truly a giant muddy family out there to help each other overcome!

If it doesn't challenge you- it doesn't change you.
My favorite aspect of my coaching, is working with my clients to identify, understand and overcome obstacles in their lives so they can accomplish their goals, even some they never thought possible.

That's why I love Tough Mudder so much, it's not a race, it's not about your time, and you can't even finish it alone. You need a team.
And you need to be able to face fears and insecurities and realize that there are no limitations- only hidden possibilities.


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