Starting a Sugar Detox- tips and strategies level 1

Ansley Knopf - Thursday, February 18, 2016

Perhaps you like so many others I know, REALLY want to start reducing and detoxing your sugar intake but find it difficult because not everyone is on board in your family just yet.

Here's a strategy: Try separating your foods and snacks that are on the "Okay" list and put them in a separate cabinet.

For all of the snacks and not so great foods that family members bring in, put those in a separate cabinet, one that you wouldn't normally open.

Have a quick chat with the family and ask them to help support your healthy goals by placing and getting those foods back into that cabinet.

Now its up to you! - DO NOT go near that cabinet or shelf.

Pick anything out of the cabinet that is now yours.

This is not meant as a permanent solution, it is a temporary EXCUSE blocker while you're working on and learning how to detox.

You can spend your energy creating excuses, or you can spend it solving them and moving forward. The energy output will be the same, but the results will be drastically different.

The most important thing to remember about a sugar detox is that it's not all about the sweets. Sure, those packaged Little Debbies are calling your name, but even if you get all the desserts out of the house- there are still other culprits that are BLOCKING you from success and health!


Ingredients are listed in order of the amount. Greatest to least. So if added sugar is 2nd or 3rd, you're looking at something that has too much added sugar.

The other thing to watch out for are empty, refined carbohydrates - carbs are a good thing, your body needs them - but that refined, bleached white flour with all kinds of preservatives is only going to enter your body and turn into sugar- rapidly and with little nutritional value.

Want more help in learning about what's in your food, how to read nutrition labels and build healthy, complete meals?

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