Ansley Knopf - Monday, March 27, 2017

This is what you've been waiting for.

Be a part of the latest from Train and Flourish!

"Invigorate" is the perfect launch into Spring!

This 8 week program has it all.

Check out the details and reserve your spot for the
Spring Group- starting 4/7/17 - ( on a Friday so you have time to go grocery shopping.) That's right- I've thought of everything.

No excuses.

Spring out of the Winter Blues and Invigorate your day, your training program, your workouts, your meal plans, and your entire season!

You ready for this?

This program costs the same each month as:
2 pairs of Lularoe leggings
12 Starbucks frappuchinos
2 trips to the movies...
And probably a lot of other things that will not last nearly as long as the results you will feel from this program!

I want absolutely EVERYONE to be healthier, move better, be stronger, have more energy and feel INVIGORATED!
Which is why I'm launching an 8 week commitment program with a ton of accountability, support and tools so that you have

MAXIMUM potential to see and feel MAXIMUM results!

Why 8 weeks?
Because simply put, 4 weeks isn't enough.
I want to see you actually move towards success and reaching your goals.
This foundational program that is scale-able to every-level.

Haven't worked out in several years? Scaled.
Work out at home but need some variety? Scaled.
Need a plan of action for the gym? Scaled.

It's all here.
For everyone, and anyone who is ready to Invigorate.

But there's only 8 slots available for the 4/7 group!

I am so excited and so ready to dive in and get moving!
Are you in?

I know you're ready to shake off that cold weather and get moving! :D

Hit that send button on the email- let's DO THIS!
Talk soon,

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